From the Ground Up

Inspiring views on the evolution of soil and agriculture.

Pat Beaujot

Growing up on his family’s farm, Pat saw how farming practices in the 1970’s destroyed fragile soils. After studying agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan, he developed a passion for soil conservation and took it to work for Simplot Canada. At Simplot, Pat learned the importance of precision seed and fertilizer placement and helped early adopters of minimum tillage practices. When he later took over the family farm, he wanted to make it no-till but couldn’t find the equipment to meet his needs. So along with two partners, Pat started Seed Hawk Inc. Today, Pat still has a passion for agriculture and soil conservation. As Founder and Director of Strategic Market Development, he regularly talks to growers around the world about soil conservation and the seeding equipment which supports it. You’ll find Pat’s insights in the Seed Hawk blog, “From the Ground Up”.