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Pattison Tillage Demo Day Review

Fall is an opportune time for seed bed preparation and reclamation tillage in Western Canada.  It is generally drier and allows farmers access to areas such as sloughs and depressions that they may not have been able to seed if it was a wet spring.   Once the crop is in the bin, farmers can work on field to remove excess residue, shape water drains, remove obstacles, apply some nutrients and reclaim previously wet areas of the fields.  One disadvantage is the unpredictability of fall weather which may end fall work abruptly.  Dealers are still busy with harvest and other customers as well so farmers are often limited what they can see for product demos.  Pattisson Ag believe they have come up with a solution and invited us to join them in the inaugural year.

In early October, Pattison Ag held a ride and drive style field day for tillage customers.  Running… Read More »

Employee Profile - Ude Osakwe

A company is as strong as the workers employed in the specific company. In this case, Udechukwu-J, Osakwe (who prefers to be addressed as Ude) started working at Seed Hawk since January 2017.  Initially, Ude had previously worked in one of the Gulf Countries where he had certification in Institute of… Read More »

Wheat ready for straight cutting

Bin-Run Seed Testing for Spring Success

One of the more common practices amongst grain producers, is the use of cereal crops harvested in the fall for seed to be planted in the spring. A grower’s own grain to be used for seed is commonly known as bin-run. Despite the many benefits of using certified cereal seed purchased from registered seed growers,… Read More »

Employee Profile - Louis Dumangas

As a Line Cook in the cafeteria at Seed Hawk, I am the one who is in charge of monitoring all kinds of activities in the cafeteria; sales, employees, food inventory, and operations.
I ensure that all the services and food is maintained orderly, and I ensure good quality of service and setting high… Read More »


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