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Five New Tricks You CAN Teach an Old Dog in Agriculture

Yes, it turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I’m very thankful for that fact as 2014 comes to a close, as more and more studies were released throughout this year not only on the changes that are taking place in terms of the climate , but many studies were devoted to what should be, as farmers, considered our most precious resource, our soil.

Soil is our lifeline, it is what makes or breaks a crop, along with sufficient warmth and rainfall, and it is quickly becoming the centre of more and more discussion in coffee shops and garages, as we all try to digest all of the information being thrown at us about what we can do to “save our soil”. Even the UN has taken up the cause, and has declared 2015 to be The International Year of Soils, which kicked off on World Soil Day, December 5th. You will see many initiatives over the next… Read More »

Planning for Success in Wet Years

How to deal with wet fields has certainly become a topic for the eastern part of the prairies. I have talked to several concerned farmers who I am sure a few years ago swore they would never till again. These are farmers who came through the 90s, worked hard to develop a no-till system… Read More »

Hail to England-and No-till!

In mid-September I travelled to England and Sweden to tour some farms and learn more about different cropping conditions in Europe. The weather was great, the food, fantastic, and I was so busy learning and talking to folks that I didn’t get to tweet much about it in real time. Instead, I have put all… Read More »


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