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SH1- Not Your Average Test Rig


Meet SH1. SH1 is a Seed Hawk Seeding System with iCon Control. It includes a 980 Air Cart coupled with an XL Air Drill (84′ with 12″ row spacing). Seed Hawk Research and Development uses this test unit for both in-lab and in-field testing of new innovative features, like the Fenix III Seed Meter. In its short life, SH1 has already seen several different iterations of metering systems, as Seed Hawk continually strives to improve precision, reliability, and simplicity.

With the introduction of the Fenix III Seed Meter, we have put SH1 to work performing countless hours of technical seeding trials in our test field. The system was put through numerous tests including maximum rate, electrical capacity, load cell verification, a wide variety of different product tests… and the list goes on.

After testing and refining the design of all the individual components that make up the system, we… Read More »

Pat Beaujot- Helping Canada Grow


Hello again to all of my viewers. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about how biotech crops and pesticides have  really enhanced our ability to reduce tillage and conserve soil while increasing crop production. Enjoy watching the video here and I welcome your thoughts and comments. You may also follow me @PatrickBeaujot or our corporate feed @SeedHawk.

See Inside the Fenix III Meter

The Fenix III Meter


Hello to all of you “From the Ground UP” followers. My name is Philip Korczak and I am a Product Manager at Seed Hawk Inc. This video was shot on location at a customer’s farm near Biggar, SK where we were conducting some in-field tests with the new Fenix III Meter. The new… Read More »


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