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Importance of Crop Staging in Fungicide Application

Canola field after Prairies thunderstorm

As we move into summer, crops are continuing to advance across the prairies.  The combination of moisture, heat and sunlight have helped crops through their early stages as producers wrap up their herbicide application.  Soon crops will be reaching the stage where it will be time to apply fungicides.  The decision whether to spray fungicide can be a tricky one because, unlike weeds, crops need to be sprayed before disease is visible or it will be too late.  Weather also plays an important role as hot, dry conditions are negative to disease development.  Nonetheless, fungicide application is an important management tool in helping to achieve high yielding, quality crops as disease, when left unchecked, can cause severe problems in these areas.  As producers are well aware, fungicide application comes at a substantial cost and it is very important to ensure it… Read More »

Flea Beetle Defense: How Seeding Can Help

According to the Canola Council of Canada, Canola is a crop that contributes approximately $26.7 billion to the Canadian economy every year. Biotechnology companies have made great strides in producing varieties with characteristics such as disease resistance, early maturity and reduced pod… Read More »

Herbicide Resistance: How it's Connected to Seeding

It’s no secret that the issue of herbicide resistance has taken on increased visibility over the past twenty years.  Some areas in the United States have fields containing weeds that are resistant to four different herbicide groups.  In western Canada, we have seen fields not only containing… Read More »

Seed Hawk: More Than A Canola Machine

Hello everyone.  Over the years Seed Hawk has become known for producing quality seeding equipment that provides precise, accurate fertilizer placement alongside the planted seed.  In crops such as canola, where utilization of nutrients early in growth is crucial to vigor and yield, Seed Hawk has gained a… Read More »


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