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Australian Spring Visit

In October 2016, I assumed the role of International Business Manager to strengthen the link between Australia and the factory. In mid-March, 2017 I took my first trip back to Australia since taking on the new role. One of my key responsibilities now is refining and improving our export process to give our Australian customers the best experience possible. To start this process, I went over to meet with our importer, Landpower Australia, and some of our biggest Seed Hawk dealers in Australia. The feedback I gathered from the trip has already been used to start improving for the next round of shipments across the Pacific.


I also had the chance to meet with some Australian growers and hear about their experiences over the last few years. The Australian cropping area has been wetter than average this year until seeding, when the West dried out. That has delayed seeding… Read More »

The Fenix III has Landed in Oxbow, Saskatchewan

Lab testing of the Fenix III Meter was just the start.   We also wanted to make sure that the Fenix III Meter was up to the demands of real life, so we tested it in grower fields with similar conditions to that of most of our customers.  This way we knew you would know that it would also… Read More »

Marvin Redlick’s farm in Biggar, SK

The Fenix III is big, but this is Biggar!

If you drive an hour west of Saskatoon on Hwy. 14, you will come across the lovely town of Biggar, SK. Biggar is known for two things – being the home town of Olympic gold medalist and three-time world women’s curling champion Sandra Schmirler, and the “Hanson Buck” (world record white-tailed… Read More »

SH1- Not Your Average Test Rig


Meet SH1. SH1 is a Seed Hawk Seeding System with iCon Control. It includes a 980 Air Cart coupled with an XL Air Drill (84′ with 12″ row spacing). Seed Hawk Research and Development uses this test unit for both in-lab and in-field testing of new innovative features, like the Fenix III Seed Meter. In its short life, SH1 has… Read More »

See Inside the Fenix III Meter

The Fenix III Meter


Hello to all of you “From the Ground UP” followers. My name is Philip Korczak and I am a Product Manager at Seed Hawk Inc. This video was shot on location at a customer’s farm near Biggar, SK where we were conducting some in-field tests with the new Fenix III Meter. The new… Read More »


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