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Pre-Seeding Checklist

Before you get in the field seeding, it’s always a good idea to make sure your seeding system is spring-ready after sitting idle all winter. Here are the top areas to check from our resident expert Chris Bettschen, International Business Manager for Seed Hawk, to ensure a smooth start up for spring seeding.


  • Ensure the castors are greased and set correctly as per the Operator’s Manual
  • Check that hanging bracket and pivot nuts on the opener are torqued correctly
  • Ensure that the drill is hooked up correctly to the tractor as different eras of machines are plumbed differently
  • Check seed and fertilizer knives as well as drop tubes for wear
  • Grease all pivot points and wheel bearings as per the Operator’s Manual
  • Check wear parts and order any which need to be replaced

Air Cart with Loup Control

  • Ensure all bearings on metering rollers and agitator shafts turn freely with no… Read More »

Top 10 Wear Parts

The Seed Hawk Genuine Parts team is always looking for ways to improve the grower’s spring experience during the seeding season which can be stressful and very short on time in our regions. One way we can improve your experience is by giving you information to help reduce your down time. In preparation for spring… Read More »


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