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Precision Seeding Equipment and Controlled-Release Nitrogen: A Killer Combination

Seed Hawk Seed Drill System in the field

Seeding can be a challenging process and is only amplified when simultaneous fertilizer application is involved. Too wet or too dry conditions – not uncommon in the northern tier states and western Canada – provide challenges for seeding with fertilizer. Combining the right equipment with the right nitrogen fertilizer gives growers an edge during seeding time and through the duration of the growing season.


Combine the right equipment with the right nitrogen fertilizer


What are the issues?

“There can be two seed-damaging effects related to fertilizer and seed proximity, depending on the type of fertilizer.” Ray Dowbenko, Senior Agronomist, Agrium Corporate, cautions. “Fertilizer needs water to dissolve in the soil and with dry conditions and high volumes of fertilizer… Read More »

The Importance of Soil Temperature at Seeding Time


Hello everyone.  With most of the snow melted across the province and the temperature going up it’s hard not to get excited about the upcoming seeding season.  Early planting has its advantages including reduced risk of fall frost, taking advantage of early season moisture, etc. … Read More »

Wheat ready for straight cutting

Pedigreed Seed Achieves Results

Seed Strategy

The ultimate goal of crop production is to get the highest yield possible while preserving the best grade attainable. Producers deploy fertility programs, chemical strategies, and other technology and management decisions to achieve this.  However, when it comes to maximizing the… Read More »

Seed Hawk Patented Precision Openers

Pre-Seeding Tips

Hello Everyone

As we turn the page on the calendar into April, I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss an important step before seeding cereals this spring.

Cleaning Bin-Run Seed

Many producers continue to use their own seed grown the previous year for planting – a practice commonly referred to as… Read More »

Pat Beaujot- Helping Canada Grow


Hello again to all of my viewers. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about how biotech crops and pesticides have  really enhanced our ability to reduce tillage and conserve soil while increasing crop production. Enjoy watching the video here and I welcome your thoughts and comments. You may also follow me @PatrickBeaujot or our corporate feed @SeedHawk.


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