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Hail to England-and No-till!

In mid-September I travelled to England and Sweden to tour some farms and learn more about different cropping conditions in Europe. The weather was great, the food, fantastic, and I was so busy learning and talking to folks that I didn’t get to tweet much about it in real time. Instead, I have put all my thoughts on the trip into blog form.

The first part of my trip allowed me to meet with some colleagues who are part of a major research project currently being conducted by the University of East Anglia. This is a four-year study where they are comparing cropping methods with ground water contamination while looking closely at profitability. Three areas have been designated for comparison within the study, and the Seed Hawk, as well as the Vaderstad Rapid are being used to seed crops. I feel we have a good chance of surprising the folks in and around this study with what… Read More »

Estonia: Ripe for Innovation?

In March, I had the opportunity to travel to Estonia for a few days to tour the countryside and speak to some of its farmers. As a quick background, Estonia is a beautiful country on the North-eastern edge of the EU bordering Russia, Latvia, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. It has a population of… Read More »


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