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Employee Profile - Louis Dumangas

As a Line Cook in the cafeteria at Seed Hawk, I am the one who is in charge of monitoring all kinds of activities in the cafeteria; sales, employees, food inventory, and operations.
I ensure that all the services and food is maintained orderly, and I ensure good quality of service and setting high standards for food presentations – which is pleasing to the eye, and of course good to the taste buds!
My goal is to achieve higher levels of standards, sales and guest/employee satisfaction, to ultimately help the company in terms of quality of food, sales and operation.
I have the ability to cook all kinds of foods and love to prepare dishes from different meats, such as beef, pork, chicken, ribs, steak, fish to vegetables. I plan to prepare more meals adopted from different countries to create Southern, Western, Mexican, Mediterranean, and Asian dishes as well – with our own unique version of presentation and taste. I enjoy making variations of different salads and desserts.
If you are interested in the food or cooking industry, I can conduct training for new and aspiring employees, to further help myself achieve promotions to the next and higher level.


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