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The Fenix III has Landed in Oxbow, Saskatchewan

Lab testing of the Fenix III Meter was just the start.   We also wanted to make sure that the Fenix III Meter was up to the demands of real life, so we tested it in grower fields with similar conditions to that of most of our customers.  This way we knew you would know that it would also perform well on your farm.


The first location used was near Oxbow, SK where canola, wheat and flax had been previously seeded.  The machine used was a Seed Hawk Seeding System with a 800 Air Cart and XL Toolbar. As we all know, Mother Nature does not always have the same plans as we do when it comes time for seeding and this was no exceptionSo after some delays due to weather, we finally got seeding by mid-September.


Seed Hawk Seeding System used for testing the Fenix III Seed Meter near Oxbow, SK


For this particular Fenix III Meter testing, we seeded 1,305 acres of winter wheat treated with Raxil (105 lbs/acre) and urea (65 lbs/acre) and PHOS at 75 lbs/acre fertilizers at a speed of 50 acres/hr.  The Seed Hawk was equipped with the new Fenix III Meter and High Displacement (400 cc) rollers.


The new Fenix III Seed Meter installed on the Seed Hawk Seeding System used during the testing near Oxbow, SK


We had a mix of sun and light rain during seeding, with temperatures ranging from 9-20°C.  Very typical Saskatchewan weather for the fall.  Everyone was happy with how the Fenix III Meter performed – smooth start-ups, no jamming, no cross contamination and no roller wear.


One of the few times the Seed Hawk Seeding System stopped was to load the Air Cart


While seeding, we also invited other growers in the area to come and see the new Fenix III Meter first-hand. There were a number of interested people who showed up and were all equally impressed with the precision, reliability and ease of use of the Fenix III Meter.


Seed Hawk Field Demo signage used to direct traffic under the bright, sunny, prairie sky


Click here to read even more details about both our in-lab and in-field testing of the new Fenix III Meter on our website and follow us @SeedHawk for the latest Fenix III Seed Meter trial results.





We put in about 6500 acres using Fenix III on our new drill last season. During clean up I removed all the rubber metering wheels and noticed some had worn a little and the fins were bent over or curling at the ends just a bit. I gather that this would change the size of the pockets just a bit and could affect the precision of the system. Just walked by that Rubbermaid and looked at them again and I’m thinking that I imagined it. Can you give me any guidelines on what to look for when deciding to replace worn out metering rubber wheel thingys?

Submitted by: Heather Knapik (Bar JK Ltd.)

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