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Knives vs. Discs: Which are Best?

Greetings “From the Ground UP” readers/viewers! I hope your harvest went well! I have been asked to do a blog about what I think would be an important topic for the upcoming Canola Expo, being held December 8, 2015 in Langdon, North Dakota. The conditions in this are make a Seed Hawk Seeder the ideal seeder of choice, but watch the following blog to see if you agree about which is better: a knife or a disc. I invite your comments and questions. You can reach me by tweeting @PatrickBeaujot or @NOTILLville, or commenting at the bottom of the page. I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Watch my blog here:

Seeder in the field


I agree the 2 knife system has advantages but would like seed hawk to come up with removable fertilizer shanks to convert to a single shoot machine for three situations If its to wet to pull fertilizer cart and extra shanks In the fall sowing cover crops 2 knife moves to much dirt And in some situations in really high residue it would improve trash clearance would sacrifice fert placement for trash clearance in some situations.

Submitted by: Nick Cowan

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