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We’re Starting “From the Ground UP”

Greetings no-till advocates and readers new and old! This blog is to inform you of some exciting changes that we’ve made to how you access our content. NO-TILLville has enjoyed some great successes and participation since its humble beginnings in 2013. I have loved sharing my experiences with my… Read More »

Teacher Appreciation Week: I Salute Dr. Don Rennie

My lovely wife Charlotte and I were having coffee this morning and checking the latest news on our smartphones she saw that it was Teacher Appreciation Week. She said you should do a blog about the professors you always mention in your speeches. What a great idea! I have the great… Read More »

My Interview on Rural Radio Live

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Mark Oppald on a Sirius XM radio channel called Rural Radio Live that caters to farm audiences. As this is still a great way to interact with growers, I wanted to participate and share my experience. Mark and I had a great conversation about… Read More »

Earth Day Blog: International Year of Soil

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations prompted The 68th UN General Assembly to declared 2015 the International Year of the Soil. Some of the key facts that the UN is promoting to emphasize the reason for this decision are:

• 95% of our food is directly or… Read More »

Farmers working together

I love the passion farmers have for their work!

I love the passion farmers have for their work!

I have just recently returned from a trip to Texas where we rented about 300 acres of beautiful farmland from a local farmer near San Antonio. We did this to test our new precision metering system and iCon wireless control system. We… Read More »


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