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Agvocacy: Modern Agriculture Needs to Brag More

Recently I read an article in the February 13 issue of the Western Producer by Barb Glen covering a speech made by Bill McGregor, a soil bio-chemist, entitled “Agriculture Innovation Needs More Promotion”. As a former researcher, Mr. McGregor pointed out that great things have been… Read More »

Cosmetic Pesticides Illegal in MB: What Next?

There is a good article in the Western Producer May 1st on page 87 titled “Manitoba pesticide ban misguided: toxicologist. Manitoba government announcement to ban cosmetic pesticides.” The article talks about James Bus, a U.S. toxicologist who has studied pesticides for 35 years. He… Read More »

Thoughts on the Success of the Organic Movement

As the second installment of my series leading up to the World Congress for Conservation Agriculture June 22-27 in Winnipeg, MB, I want to discuss the Organic movement.

I am a person who has been directly involved in the evolution of agriculture on the Canadian Prairies like tens of… Read More »

Vertical Tillage in Wet Years?

I made a post last year around this time about vertical tillage, and made it clear that I didn’t think it was necessary after a bumper crop like we saw in 2013. Since that time I have gotten out and talked to a few growers about why they are surface or vertical tilling, to try to understand why this… Read More »


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