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Employee Profile - Louis Dumangas

As a Line Cook in the cafeteria at Seed Hawk, I am the one who is in charge of monitoring all kinds of activities in the cafeteria; sales, employees, food inventory, and operations.
I ensure that all the services and food is maintained orderly, and I ensure good quality of service and setting high… Read More »

Seed Hawk: Superior Performance in Dry Conditions


Over the course of the last number of months we have discussed how using Seed Hawk technology during seeding can assist other areas of a farming operation. The common theme among these topics is that the results would be most recognizable during harvest time, in terms of crop yield and… Read More »

#HawkSighting & #HawkEmergence Results

News Article – Aug 18 2017

(Langbank, SK) It’s natural for every business owner to be proud of the work they’ve done in creating a successful enterprise. Long hours and hard work can accumulate to the point of causing undue stress, yet these entrepreneurs forge ahead with the knowledge that… Read More »

Winning Combination: Winter Wheat and Seed Hawk

It’s an exciting time on the prairies as harvest is getting underway.  The satisfaction of bringing in a year’s worth of planning and hard work is one of the biggest reasons growers love what they do.  For some producers, it also means the beginning of the 2018 crop year with the planting of winter… Read More »


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