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Seed Hawk Technology and Soybeans

Seed Hawk technology is known for its performance in a wide variety of climate conditions with many different crops. One such crop that has been gaining popularity across the plains is soybeans. It wasn’t too long ago that the prospect of planting soybeans in colder regions was thought of as a substantial risk. Today, thanks to successful plant breeding biotechnology, soybeans are now seen as a good choice in diversifying a crop rotation.

There are several benefits to using a Seed Hawk drill when planting soybeans. Soybeans require a soil temperature of at least +10 degrees Celsius to germinate and emerge. Delays in emergence can lead to decreased plant height which results in less pods and reduced yields. As with other crops, stunted crop growth also enhances the risk of disease infection and greater susceptibility to insect damage.

Seed Hawk drills’ dual knife opener and packer design helps warm soil in the seed row. The close but safe proximity of the fertilizer to the seed allows the germinating plant to access nutrients at the key early stages of growth. Early emergence that leads to early maturity helps the plant defend against potential diseases and frost later in the season. The Seed Hawk opener allows for greater moisture conservation, which is crucial in years where rainfall and runoff are in short supply. All Seed Hawk tanks feature a 40-bushel tank, which is ideal for applying inoculant at the precise rate using the iCon Fenix III metering system.

Soybeans have the potential to become a major fixture on the Canadian prairies, as seed companies continually test and release new varieties. Key attributes such as less heat unit requirements, standability and disease resistance will allow growers in all regions to include them as part of their yearly crop plans depending on climatic factors and soil types. Utilizing Seed Hawk technology gives soybeans the best possible chance of success at the beginning of the year to produce a profitable windfall at harvest time.


With files from Manitoba Agriculture:,soybeans.html



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