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Side Band vs Mid-Row Band Update Using Latest Technology

Dual Knife Opener

Hello to all of my viewers!  In preparation for the upcoming Ag Expo in Lethbridge, AB Feb. 24-26th 2016, I’ve decided to blog on side band vs. mid-row band fertilizer placement.  In this video, I discuss the study conducted by Prairie Ag Machinery Institute, conducted from 2000-2002, which concluded there wasn’t much difference between side band and mid-row fertilizer placement.  This study was done using the stealth opener which is an older opener compared to the dual knife opener currently being used by Seed Hawk. Watch the video here: I welcome your comments and questions and may be reached by tweeting @PatrickBeaujot or @NOTILLville, or by leaving your comments at the bottom of this page.  Thanks for viewing!


Hi Ken Thanks for the comment. We always welcome comments from our customers who are truly "front line". We have tried wider tires but the larger surface area quickly reduces the packing. You may need to go to a pneumatic tire so it can widen the packing surface slightly to pack the seed. I assume you are at 1500 psi. Depth and speed also reduces forces left for the packing. I hope this helps. Pat

Submitted by: Pat Beaujot

Though I am extremely happy with my drill, I find the packing marginal with the twin wing and semi pneumatic tire. I feel that the tire does not flex enough and is not really packing the seed rows at all. Any thoughts to a wider flatter profile tire, or even a tire that is concave in the middle so there is little packing over the fertilizer row and lots over the seed row. Any reason this is not done. Would a wider profile packer tire from a different brand work.

Submitted by: Ken Sarauer

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