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Australian Spring Visit

In October 2016, I assumed the role of International Business Manager to strengthen the link between Australia and the factory. In mid-March, 2017 I took my first trip back to Australia since taking on the new role. One of my key responsibilities now is refining and improving our export process to give our Australian customers the best experience possible. To start this process, I went over to meet with our importer, Landpower Australia, and some of our biggest Seed Hawk dealers in Australia. The feedback I gathered from the trip has already been used to start improving for the next round of shipments across the Pacific.


I also had the chance to meet with some Australian growers and hear about their experiences over the last few years. The Australian cropping area has been wetter than average this year until seeding, when the West dried out. That has delayed seeding somewhat, though the early starters were in the field mid-February. Some of our Australian …