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Grain Sampling for Quality Analysis

Throughout the course of the growing season it was discussed how Seed Hawk technology leads to a crop known for its high quality and yields, in all soil types and conditions. It is during this time of the year, with harvest in full swing, that the full results of utilizing the right tool for the job becomes obvious – in the form of grain being brought in from the field.

As grain is harvested, it’s extremely important to properly sample it for quality grading and analysis. Most grain handling facilities require growers to take good representative samples of all their cereal crops before delivery, as quality control standards become even more strict.

To determine the quality of the grain in individual bins (or bags, etc.), and to minimize the chances of surprises during future grain deliveries, proper grain sampling procedures should be utilized for all crops. Even canola should be sampled in case quality issues arise.

Materials required for grain sampling are as …

Assisting Straight Cutting and Swathing Canola at Seeding

When it comes to harvest time, producers are always looking to increase both efficiency and yields.  An increasing trend amongst canola growers in recent years has been the use of straight cutting technology to harvest their crops.  New canola varieties with pod-shatter resistance, combined with improved technology in straight-cut headers has led to more acres …

Tips To Get The Most From Your Seed Treatment This Spring

Seed treatments are a great tool to help protect your seed from seed- and soil-borne diseases to give your crop the best possible start. Here are some useful tips to help you get the most from your seed treatment this spring.   Check equipment options Many types of seed treating equipment are available that do …