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Seed Hawk: Twenty-Five Years at Farm Progress Show

Farm Progress Show Story by Pat Beaujot,  Innovator and exhibitor.

It is fitting to share this story now as it was exactly 25 years ago this spring that we built the very first Seed Hawk on our farm in Langbank, SK and seeded our thousand-acre farm with it. After a few in-field modifications the crop emerged perfectly. I quit my job as a Sales Agronomist for Simplot Canada so I could focus my marketing and agronomy skills on our new company, Seed Hawk Inc.

We cleaned up that farm-built machine as best we could and took it to the 1992 Farm Progress Show. There were thousands of farmers there looking for better equipment so they could switch to zero-till farming. There were many other farmer-inventions there that year, all with the same dreams and aspirations as us.

Over the course of the show we explained our concept to so many farmers that our voices were hoarse and our feet were sore. It was an incredible opportunity for our company to be …