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Seed Hawk: Superior Performance in Dry Conditions


Over the course of the last number of months we have discussed how using Seed Hawk technology during seeding can assist other areas of a farming operation. The common theme among these topics is that the results would be most recognizable during harvest time, in terms of crop yield and quality.

This year, a large area over the Canadian Prairies and the United States has been hit by severe drought. The Regina area in Saskatchewan had a total of 3 mm of rain for the entire month of July, which was a record for low rainfall. Some of these impacted regions with heavier soil had to rely on built-up moisture reserves to get by, while other sandier areas weren’t quite so lucky.

The lack of moisture has had a direct impact on the ability of plants to utilize nutrients in the soil; this is especially true in several fields comparing side-band technology to inter-row banded fertilizer. Without the adequate rainfall to stimulate root development, the plants have not been able …