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Top 10 Wear Parts

The Seed Hawk GenuineĀ Parts team is always looking for ways to improve the grower’s spring experience during the seeding season which can be stressful and very short on time in our regions. One way we can improve your experience is by giving you information to help reduce your down time. In preparation for spring seeding, we are providing a list of the top 10 wear parts so that you can have a small inventory of these parts readily availableĀ on your farm.

Here is a list of the top 10 wear parts:

  1. Rubber Drop Tube
  2. Stainless Covers on Fertilizer and Seed Knives
  3. Complete Fertilizer and Seed Knives
  4. 11L Wheel bearings
  5. Roller and agitator shaft bearings
  6. Metal Rollers and Filter for hydraulic drive
  7. Opener Seal Kit, wing and shank hoses
  8. Hydraulic Motor Seal Kit
  9. Blue Insert for Rem and Tsunami Fan
  10. Packer Hub bearings and Packer Tire tubes


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Spring seeding is the worst time of year to get stuck replacing the same part over and over again. When time is …