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Pre-Seed Burndown Tips

Hello everyone. After all the rain and the snow having delayed planting operations we are finally making our way towards the beginning of the season. Some producers have already started and are taking advantage of the early season moisture.  Unfortunately, even though the crop is utilizing the early moisture and nutrients, so are the weeds.  Whether it’s due to persistent problems over the years or the inability to do a post-harvest herbicide application due to adverse conditions, early emerging weeds rob the crop of the supplies it needs to get the critical early start it needs.  A pre-seed herbicide application is an important management tool in minimum or zero-till systems to combat weed pressure prior to planting.


Importance of Herbicide Choice

Choosing a herbicide to use depends on various factors, one of which is herbicide grouping.  The issue of herbicide resistance in western Canada has moved to the forefront within the last number of years and adding …