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Assisting Straight Cutting and Swathing Canola at Seeding

When it comes to harvest time, producers are always looking to increase both efficiency and yields.  An increasing trend amongst canola growers in recent years has been the use of straight cutting technology to harvest their crops.  New canola varieties with pod-shatter resistance, combined with improved technology in straight-cut headers has led to more acres being harvested in this fashion, as opposed to swathing first.

The advantages of straight cutting include; reduced costs by eliminating swathing, potentially higher yields, green seed reduction, and potentially higher oil content.  Disadvantages include; longer maturity timing, potential combine wear due to increased green material, and possible weather damage of longer-standing plants.

It’s anyone’s guess what the weather will be like during the fall months; however, growers can help mitigate some of the risk at seeding time.

Seed Hawk technology is known for producing a quick, even-maturing crop with its …