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Employee Profile – Ude Osakwe

A company is as strong as the workers employed in the specific company. In this case, Udechukwu-J, Osakwe (who prefers to be addressed as Ude) started working at Seed Hawk since January 2017.  Initially, Ude had previously worked in one of the Gulf Countries where he had certification in Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  Also, he is a graduate in Human Resource Development.

Currently, he is working towards getting his Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation.  In additional to IOSH and OSHA, Ude has increased his safety expertise by attending training programs and has also been mentored by the Vice President of Operations at Seed Hawk Inc.  This is part of the culture we create here at Seed Hawk Inc; through leadership, comradeship and teamwork.

Seed Hawk is successful because of the tireless efforts of our work-force. Our employees are our most valuable assets.  Their safety and health is our top priority and as such, safety is essential and integrated to all business functions here at Seed Hawk.  This safety mandate cannot be compromised under any circumstance. Responsibility for workplace safety is shared among management, supervisors, and employees as this is made aware during orientation, OHC meetings, town-hall meetings etc.

Seed Hawk will identify, allocate and provide adequate resources to communicate, support, implement and, where necessary, improve our safety policy.  In addition, our psycho-social work environment, safety activities and safety management system are implemented with the goal of continual improvement. All corporate activities will comply with the company safety program as well as all applicable legislation. From pre-production planning through to product delivery, we will always consider safety. In addition, we tend to work with our consultants (SASM- Safety Association of Saskatchewan Manufacturers) to guide us in working to achieve a safe work environment and to help ensure health and safety risks are minimized for our esteemed employees and contractors.

Seed Hawk will continue to promote health and safety so that it achieves the highest safety standards as well as being the safest seeding equipment manufacturing center worldwide.

Maintaining a safe work environment is a top priority of Seed Hawk and must be a personal goal of every employee.


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