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#HawkSighting & #HawkEmergence Results

News Article – Aug 18 2017

(Langbank, SK) It’s natural for every business owner to be proud of the work they’ve done in creating a successful enterprise. Long hours and hard work can accumulate to the point of causing undue stress, yet these entrepreneurs forge ahead with the knowledge that the result is more than worth it.


Farmers are no different; it is hard pressed to find another industry with as much risk involved. Throughout the course of the year, growers are continually proud to see their crops being planted, growing in the field and harvested in the fall. If you’re looking for evidence of this, there is no better place than social media to find it. Farmers are always posting pictures of their hard work in the fields or the crops themselves.


At Seed Hawk, many of us come from farming backgrounds, or remain involved with our family farm operations, and can attest to the hard work that goes into a successful growing season. We have featured two social media contests where people are encouraged to post their Seed Hawk-related pictures online.


Our first contest was our annual #HawkSighting initiative, which ran from March 30th until May 31st. The contest was established due to seeing an overwhelming number of photos and videos posted on social media before and during seeding – all showcasing Seed Hawk machines in yards, in fields or on the roads. This year many entries came in from across the prairies and Australia. Trevor Martens of Boissevain, MB was the winner of this contest with the following great photo:

#HawkSighting courtesy of Trevor Martens


To follow up on the first contest, we have expanded into a second annual contest to include pictures or videos of Seed Hawk-seeded crops as they were emerging with the hashtag #HawkEmergence. Social media users responded in kind with many entries, and the winner was Jordan Schmidt from Gravelbourg, SK.

#HawkEmergence courtesy of Jordan Schmidt


A big congratulations to our two winners, and a special thanks to everyone who took the time to submit their photos.


We are currently running our final contest of the year, #HawkHarvest, in which you are encouraged to submit your harvest photos – whether that is your Seed Hawk-seeded crop being harvested or supper out in the field. Everyone connected with the ag industry loves great harvest shots and we are excited to see the results, so post those pictures, add #HawkHarvest and remember to tag us @SeedHawk.


From everyone at Seed Hawk, have a safe and successful harvest


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