iCon Wireless Control System

iCon Wireless Control System

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Highly Productive Meets Highly Intuitive

The iCon® Wireless Control System lives on an iPad, making it intuitive and easy to use – just like the machine it controls. It features a simple interface, home screen automation and operator advancements like the Acres to Empty and in-field calibration features. Acres to Empty tells you instantly how many acres remain until your next product fill. The in-field calibration function confirms static calibration values while seeding, using load cell data. This is information is transmitted wirelessly to the iCon Control System to ensure you are applying products at the correct rates throughout the field.

Wireless Freedom

Wireless control provides big benefits for seed drill systems. You can carry your iCon control pad with you, for full control of the seeder when you’re not in the driver’s seat. Imagine calibrating without going back and forth to the cab, or carrying the iCon around to troubleshoot for blockages. Plus, less in-cab wiring makes for a more effective workspace and less chance of electrical problems.


Fit-to-Field Rate Adjustment

The Fit to Field function makes product changes much easier. This iCon feature automatically adjusts seed and fertilizer rates to empty* the tank over the remaining acres in your field. It’s easy and efficient, eliminating the need to manually empty tanks and transfer products with augers.

* 200lbs. of product will remain in the bin at empty


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