Wireless Blockage System Sensor

Watch for Blockages from the Cab

No more misses. The wireless blockage system monitors flow on your Seed Hawk seed drill system, immediately relaying quick, accurate notification of the exact location of any blockages that occur to your iCon® Wireless Control System.


How It Works

Seeds leaving the manifold bounce off a stainless steel membrane as they enter a seed run, creating a small sound wave. If there is any change in the sound wave, it’s picked up by acoustic sensors that detect the trouble and trigger audio and visual alerts on the iCon® Wireless Control System. The wireless control eliminates failures common in wired sensor/monitor systems.

When blockage locations are identified, you can take the iCon control pad out of the tractor cab and carry it with you as you locate and fix problems.

iCon Wireless Control System iPad with wireless blockage system screen


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