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Seed Hawk openers operate independently for superior shallow seeding, depth accuracy and optimum fertilizer placement. The result is quick, uniform germination, even packing and consistent performance, regardless of soil conditions. Each opener assembly operates independently by pivoting at the frame, controlled by its own adjustable hydraulic cylinder. A range of knives is available to suit every seeding style.

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Watch It Work

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Seed Hawk Patented Precision Openers

Quick Start to a Healthy Crop

The Seed Hawk hoe-drill system, with its 4” packer wheels, leaves a packed, blackened furrow – an ideal environment for seedling establishment. This furrow means faster soil warming and quicker emergence – even in cool, wet conditions.

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All Knives Are Not Created Equal

Our Single Side Band Precision Opener is still the benchmark for precision placement. It cuts shallow, separate trenches for seed and fertilizer, placing seed on undisturbed soil and fertilizer in the best position for superior uptake, while also protecting seedlings. The result is quicker germination and more even emergence, in all soil conditions.

The Single Side Band Seed Knife delivers precise seed and fertilizer placement and is unparalleled for seedling safety and emergence. It overcomes the limitations of all-in-one side band openers.

Seed Hawk Single Side Band Seed Knife

The Twin Wing Seed Knife design ensures that two distinct rows emerge, while providing proper separation of seed and fertilizer. Growers can equip a machine with 12″ row spacing to create 9″ spacing between rows. The wider shank distribution improves residue clearance, and tighter row spacing increases seed bed use, making the emerging crop a better competitor for weeds. Independent research* shows the Twin Wing precisely places seed and fertilizer separately to ensure fast, uniform germination.



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*WADO Research

Seed Hawk Twin Wing Seed Knife


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