Sectional Control Technology

Farmer-Inspired Innovation

Seed Hawk R&D worked with growers to develop Sectional Control® Technology (SCT®) and was the first manufacturer to bring this innovation to market. Today, we make it available as a standard feature on all Seed Hawk Air Cart and Toolbar with iCon Control combinations. SCT grew from the desire to eliminate misses and overlaps common when seeding around obstacles and in odd-shaped fields. SCT works in conjunction with an independent, toolbar mounted GPS system to control the meters and openers. When the toolbar encounters previously seeded ground, SCT instantly stops the roller rotation and product flow, which reduces input costs. SCT also lifts the openers, so you don’t disturb the precision seed and fertilizer placement already completed.

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We Introduced Sectional Control.
Now We’ve Made It Better.

Now, the original SCT is even better because the reaction time is greatly reduced by the new electric drive meter. Plus, you can compensate for variable section size and virtually eliminate overlaps using the improved field boundary workflow and new obstacle creation.


Eliminate Overlaps

Sectional Control Technology delivers the precision to reduce seeding costs by 10 percent or more, depending on the width of your toolbar, the variability of your land and moisture conditions.

  • Reduce soil disturbance by lifting openers on seeded ground.
  • Save on seed and fertilizer.
  • Reduce overlaps on headlands and when seeding around sloughs, potholes and bush.
  • Prevent plugging by lifting openers on overlaps in tight turns around potholes.
  • Finish your final path with less overlap.

Agronomic Benefits

While input savings are a big advantage of using Sectional Control Technology for variable rate seeding, there are also agronomic benefits:

  • More precise seed and fertilizer placement, because you don’t disturb ground that is already worked.
  • More uniform plant stand, because it virtually eliminates overlaps and misses.
  • More even maturity, which makes swathing easier and reduces crop shattering.
  • More uniform harvest, because it eliminates green or lodged crops on areas such as over-fertilized headlands.
  • Increased yield, by eliminating double seeding of overlaps.
  • Easier seeding next year as it avoids over-fertilized areas that lodge and plug the seeder.


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