An integrated, seamless design ensures the consistent flow of all products. The motor, rollers, housing, inlets, and outlets work together flawlessly. This design also ensures that the meter can handle difficult products like inoculants, micronutrients, and problematic seeds. A high torque 40 watt motor drives constant product flow, and four unique roller designs make it possible to meter a wide range of seed and products at a variety of rates.



Watch the offset rollers in action

Designing offset roller flutes and angling the outlet ensures smooth, constant product flow. Seed Hawk rollers do not fill across the entire width of the inlet at the same time. Instead, they alternate feeding from one side of the roller to the other. By angling the meter outlet, the product is channeled: the center releases first, then the side.


Jamming is prevented by a unique leveling lip at the top of the meter housing. The lip works in conjunction with the flexible roller flutes, ensuring a consistent rate of delivery.

Top View

Side View



A gearbox with a 64:1 reduction allows the Fenix III to run at lower RPMs and seed at a wide range of rates. Placing the motor outside the meter housing prevents product contamination and driving the meter with a high torque 40 watt motor ensures hours and hours of seeding without jamming.

We prevent wear and increase shaft and roller life by machining the central shaft on both sides. Making rollers from polyurethane increases flexibility and ensures durability.

Seed Hawk Fenix III Meter exploded View



A stainless steel plate reinforces the rear wall and a stainless steel lining on the wear side of the meter housing makes the meter robust, durable and able to withstand very abrasive fertilizers. Securing the central shaft inside the meter housing and inside the gearbox with stainless steel bearings keeps the shaft secure and stable as the roller rotates. The bearing inside the meter housing is double sealed against wear and contamination.




The motors are easy to remove and can be quickly reinserted into the housing. Rollers are also quick and easy to take out and replace . Roller installation is simplified by a motor shaft machined on both sides. This ensures that rollers can only be installed in one direction.

Cleaning is easy, thanks to an anti-static polymer construction and stainless steel lining. And with few parts and no grease zerks, maintenance is simple.


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