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March 21, 2017

Break from Winter!

With the calendar heralding the first day of spring this week, we wanted to take a break from the frigid temperatures of winter and the March winds to remind everyone of better days to come. All  photos are courtesy of Seed Hawk owner and photography enthusiast Colby Sproat. Enjoy!


Canola field after Prairies thunderstorm

Canola beautifully highlighted through the sun’s rays after a prairie thunderstorm


Refilling Seed Hawk Air Cart during spring seeding

Momentary pause to refill


Checking early seeded wheat

Another day at the office carefully checking the early seeded wheat


Taking a break from seeding with a Seed Hawk Seeding System

Taking over the nightshift while the forecast cooperates


Bales in the field after harvest in the Prairies

The golden carpet remains after another successful harvest – neighbour’s bales waiting to be taken home


Seed Hawk Seeding System seeding in the spring

Seed Hawk Seeding System poised and ready to “spring” into action


Wheat ready for straight cutting

Nothing says prairie like the big blue sky and gorgeous grains- wheat ready for straight cutting


See more of Colby’s work on Instagram at cjs292


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