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January 22, 2014

Pat Beaujot Awarded Canadian Zero Till Non-Farmer of the Year


(Minot, ND USA) Pat Beaujot, Co-founder and Director of Seed Hawk, received the 2014 Canadian Zero Till Non-Farmer of the Year Award presented by the Manitoba – North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmers Association (MANDAK) at their annual conference held in Minot, North Dakota on January 6-8, 2014.

Each year MANDAK recognizes key individuals that have made a significant and lasting impact to the promotion and development of zero till and conservation agricultural farming in the Northern Plains and particularly within Manitoba and North Dakota. The “Zero Till Farmer of the Year” and the “Zero Till Non-Farmer of the Year” is awarded annually to both Canadian and American recipients.

Peter Clarke, CEO and President of Seed Hawk comments that “Pat has received this award in honour of his significant contribution to the adoption of zero till especially in the Northern Great Plains. It was over 20 years ago that Pat was inspired by a vision to design a seeding system that seeded, banded fertilizer and packed in a precise one-pass minimum tillage operation. His ongoing passion has brought Seed Hawk to its dominant position in the market today.” Clarke further comments that Pat did not bow to what was conventional at the time, but instead developed a seeding system that was based in both agronomy and the practicality that came from being a farmer himself. “We are proud that he continues to be heavily involved in Seed Hawk” says Clarke.

The Manitoba – North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmers Association was one of the pioneering producer organizations in the world to promote the concept and research of zero till. Its legacy and impact can be felt and seen in many parts of the world. After more than 35 years, its workshops and activities continue to be at the leading edge of the latest opportunities and trends in modern agriculture.

The Zero-Till Non Farmer of the Year award goes back over 25 years and has been presented to many of the most important figures over the history of zero tillage in Western Canada. Researchers such as Dr. Cindy Grant (AAFC), Dr. Byron Irvine(AAFC), Dr. Daryl Domitruk (MAFRI), Dr. Guy Lafond (AAFC), David Rourke (Ag Quest) and Dr. Elmer Stobbe (U of M), Extension Specialists like Bob Bradley (PFRA), Ken Gross (DU), & John Heard (MAFRI) and Machinery Pioneers like Clare Colburn (Atom Jet) are just a few of the distinguished individuals to have received this prestigious award in the past.

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