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September 3, 2014

Seed Hawk to Reveal Latest Seeding Technology at Big Iron

(Langbank, SK) U.S. growers and dealers will get their first glimpse at the next evolution in precision seeding equipment at the 2014 Big Iron Farm Show, September 9th through the 11th in Fargo, North Dakota.



“We’re excited to provide a preview of our 2016 Seed Hawk Seeding System at this year’s show,” says Randy Pistawka, director of international sales and market development for Seed Hawk. “The new 2016 Seed Hawk Seeding System is designed to deliver exceptional efficiency, seed accuracy and overall performance, particularly in the challenging conditions and environment that growers experience in the Northern Plains states.”

The new seeding system will be available for the 2016 growing season in four tank capacities: 980 bu., 800 bu. 660, bu., and 500 bu. All tank sizes are available in tow-behind configurations, while the two smaller sizes are also available in tow-between configurations.

“Our tank systems are engineered to eliminate guesswork and help you work smarter,” Pistawka says. “Individual compartment load cells provide on-the-go verification of how much product remains in the tank compartments, while our innovative software calculates just how many acres you can cover. Our Sectional Control® Technology (SCT) – combined with our tank sizes – increases the flexibility of your one-pass seeding operation. And the new 40-bushel tank that’s integrated into our tank systems is ideal for canola, granular inoculant, micronutrients, or other small-volume products.”

Each tank in the 2016 Seed Hawk Seeding System lineup will feature the new Meter per Section design. Each tank will have up to eight modular, electronically driven meters (one per 10-foot section of the seeding tool) that can be routed to either the seed or fertilizer boot. Anti-static polymer construction provides for more consistent product flow, which is especially important for small seed and fertilizer. Each meter has a set of three rollers to match product and application rates.

The larger Seed Hawk Seeding System tanks can be paired with the XL toolbar while the smaller tanks can be matched with the 45 toolbar. Both toolbars can be configured for 10- or 12-inch row spacings. The XL toolbar will be available in 70-, 80 and 84-foot widths while the 45 toolbar will come in 40-, 50- and 60-foot widths.

Both toolbars will feature Seed Hawk’s industry-leading opener assemblies. Seed Hawk openers operate independently for superior shallow seeding, depth accuracy, and optimum fertilizer placement. The result is quick, uniform germination, even packing and consistent performance.

Perhaps even more impressive than the brawn of the 2016 Seed Hawk Seeding System is its brains: the new iCon™ Wireless Control System is an iPad®-based control interface that is both intuitive and easy-to-use. Operators will enjoy the home-screen automation and advancements like the Acres to Empty™ feature, which instantly calculates how many acres remain until your next fill. The fact that the system is wireless provides much more flexibility – enabling you to calibrate without going back and forth to the cab. An optional wireless blockage monitor further enhances the value of the system by providing quick, accurate notifications of blockages.

The iCon system also controls Seed Hawk’s Fit to Field™ function. At field’s end, this function allows the operator to automatically adjust seed and fertilizer rates to empty the tank over the remaining acres. Fit to Field eliminates the need to transfer products from the tanks with augers, enhancing operating ease and efficiency.

“We’re excited about the leading-edge technology that we’ve engineered into the 2016 Seed Hawk Seeding System,” Pistawka comments. “We’re also delighted to be able to showcase it to both growers and prospective dealers from the Northern Plains at an important industry event like the 2014 Big Iron Farm Show.”

About Seed Hawk

Since 1992, Seed Hawk has been building precision seeding systems to better equip farmers and improve agricultural practices. Seed Hawk manufactures state-of-the-art, zero-tillage seeding systems that are sold in Canada, the USA, Australia, and Eastern and Western Europe. In 2013, Seed Hawk was purchased by Väderstad, a leading Swedish agriculture equipment manufacturer. Together, the companies are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Seed Hawk and Väderstad are working to evolve farming methods by creating ingenious seeding, planting and tillage equipment that offers farmers speed and efficiency.

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