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March 16, 2015

Service Technicians Looking Forward to 2015 Season

(Saskatoon, SK) For two full weeks, the Seed Hawk Service team were pleased to welcome 210 service technicians to train for the upcoming seeding season. Beginning February 16th in chilly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and wrapping up February 28th, personnel from around the country and the US Northern Plains gathered to take part in Seed Hawk’s yearly service training sessions, which allowed many technicians to see and get their hands on the new 2016 Seed Hawk Seeder technology for the first time.

Service technicians trained in new Seed Hawk technology for 2015 season.

Technicians, training at Prairieland Park, learned about how to service the new award-winning precision seed meters. Kurt Raffey, Seed Hawk Service Manager, noted “[technicians were] particularly impressed with the new iCon Wireless Control System”, which will be hitting the fields for the 2015 season. Service specialists were able to train with a live functioning tank and toolbar this year, which had not previously been possible. Kurt said that “technicians loved how simple the system was to operate and diagnose”.

Technicians impressed with new iCon Wireless Control System.

There was a feeling of excitement around the amount of time savings that this kind of technology will allow growers, thanks to the Acres-to-Empty feature, and the Calibrate-on-the-Go feature. The ease of use and convenience of the iPad application will make seeding a lot easier, and the diagnostic app provided to technicians this year will “speed up diagnostic time allowing drills to get back to seeding more quickly” Raffey explained.

One of the attendees of this years service training was Terry Ellis of Redhead Equipment in Melfort, SK. Ellis has attended service training for three years, and noted that “training was laid out well. The manuals were really user-friendly and will help us to trouble-shoot in the field”. He was optimistic that “the new [Seed Hawk] technology will provide great changes to seeding in general”.

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