500 Air Cart

Ideal for mid-sized farms, the 500 Air Cart from Seed Hawk combines the latest in technological advancements with equipment sized to fit your needs.

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    Transport Length TBT/TBH:
    Without Auger: 31′ 4″
    Transport Length TBT/TBH:
    With Auger: 33′ 2″
    Transport Width:
    With Single 30.5
    With Dual 30.5
    14′ 2″
    Transport Height†: 15′ 10″
    Ground Clearance: 18.5″
    Configuration: TBH


    Bin 1: 40 bu. (50 cu. ft.)
    Bin 2: 300 bu. (373 cu. ft.)
    Bin 3: 160 bu. (199 cu. ft.)
    500 angle 3

    † Assumes upper railings are elevated

    Questions? Contact your Seed Hawk Dealer.


    • Standard Equipment
    • iCon® Wireless Control System
      iCon Wireless Control System iPad

      iCon® Wireless Control System

      This iPad-based solution allows you to control your seeder remotely and efficiently. It includes the innovative Acres to Empty feature, which tells you instantly how many acres remain until your next fill. The in-field calibration function confirms static calibration values while seeding, using load cell data. This information is transmitted wirelessly to the iCon Control System to ensure you are applying products at the correct rates throughout the field.

    • Fenix III Seed Meter
      Seed Hawk Fenix III Meter

      Fenix III Seed Meter

      Ensuring consistent flow of all products is made possible by the integrated, seamless design. A high torque 40 W motor ensures hours and hours of seeding without jamming. Maintaining optimal performance is simple, due to few parts and no grease zerks.

    • Meter Rollers

      Meter Rollers

      Meter a wide range of seed and products with a variety of rollers, including Low Displacement (18cc), Medium Displacement (120cc) and High Displacement (400cc) rollers. An optional Ultra High Displacement (500cc) roller is also available.

    • Sectional Control® Technology

      Sectional Control® Technology

      Sectional Control Technology (SCT) works with GPS to increase the precision of your seeding operation. SCT lifts openers, stops seed and fertilizer metering and reduces doubling up of inputs on seeded ground.

    • Wireless Blockage System*
      Wireless Blockage System

      Wireless Blockage System*

      No more misses. The wireless blockage system monitors flow and immediately relays quick, accurate notification of blockages to your iCon Wireless Control System.

      * Comes standard when purchased with a combined Seed Hawk Air Cart and Toolbar Seeding System
    • Individual Bin Load Cells
      Sectional Control Technology

      Individual Bin Load Cells

      Each bin is equipped with load cells that display real time weights that show how much product remains. This makes for more efficient filling times and allows you to pinpoint your application rate.

    • Bin Lid Screens
      Seed Hawk Air Cart bin lid screen

      Bin Lid Screens

      These screens stop obstructions and clumps of product from getting into the bin and meters.

    • Tow Behind or Tow Between Configuration
    • Standard Tires
    • Single 30.5L32
      500 angle single tire

      Single 30.5L32

    • Options
    • Bag Lift
      Bag Lift for Seed Hawk Air Cart

      Bag Lift

      A great option for canola and granular inoculant bags, this feature conveniently raises up to 550 pounds of bagged product to the catwalk.

    • 10" Fill Auger

      10" Fill Auger

      Designed to keep you seeding with less time filling. Easy-to-use and well-balanced. Features hydraulic controls with wireless remote.

    • Meter Roller

      Meter Roller

      An optional Ultra High Displacement (500cc) roller is available from your Seed Hawk Dealer.


    Questions? Contact your Seed Hawk Dealer.

  • Questions? Contact your Seed Hawk Dealer.


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