Seed Hawk Seeder Reviews

Here’s how the most precise seeding technology on the market is performing in fields this spring.

Growers across the West are seeding with the new Fenix III Seed Meter on Seed Hawk Air Drills for the first time this spring. The result? Precise, reliable performance, field after field.

Read on for reviews from users, to see the Seed Hawk Seeder in action, and to share your own feedback via Twitter.

Acres seeded: 1,226,822


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Kurtis Gaudet

Hoey, SK
9,500 acres

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Andrew Benning

Humboldt, SK
5,500 acres

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Allan Soutar

Hamiota, MB
4,500 acres

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Volk Farms

Glasgow, MT
Tim Volk

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Carl deConinck Smith

D'Arcy, SK
9,000 acres

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Daryl Peers

Acadia Valley, AB
20,000 acres

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R&J Farms Inc

Regina, SK
9,800 acres
Reed Andrew

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Jeff Hoiness

Allan, SK
10,500 acres

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Rob Stone

Davidson, SK

Video Thumbnail

Curtis Gaillard

Wilcox, SK

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Printz Family Seeds

Gravelbourg, SK
4,600 acres
Kurt Printz

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Lievaart Farms

Outram, SK
9,500 acres
Adriaan Lievaart

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Robert Kaake

Hazlet, SK
4,000 acres

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JC Crowley

Poplar, MT
8,000 acres

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Danny Chescu

Roblin, MB
5,500 acres

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David Thuesen

Reserve, MT
7,000 acres


Reed Andrew

“I’d strongly recommend the Seed Hawk to anybody because of its accuracy of depth, dependability and reliability.”

– Reed Andrew

David Thuesen, Culbertson, Montana

“I would definitely recommend a Seed Hawk. It’s complex in the fact that how it works is so precise but yet, to the operator, it’s simple.”

– David Thuesen, Culbertson, Montana

Allan Soutar, Hamiota, Manitoba

“You can put the seed in at ¾” across the whole field over rolling terrain and it gets the crop up nice and quick, makes your spraying easier and ends up putting more bushels in the bin.”

– Allan Soutar, Hamiota, Manitoba

Tim Volk, Glasgow, Montana

“If other growers were thinking of moving to the Seed Hawk system I would highly recommend it because I don’t have any troubles. I’ve tried a lot of other systems, and this is by far a superior system from what I’ve seen and experienced.”

– Tim Volk, Glasgow, Montana

JC Crowley, Poplar, Montana

“The variable rate system allows us to go a little farther with every fill.”

– JC Crowley, Poplar, Montana

Dustin Johnsrud, Epping, North Dakota

“We have zero start-up issues in the morning.”

– Dustin Johnsrud, Epping, North Dakota


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